For Attorneys

Over the past 26 years Dr. Mosel has helped thousands of injured patients and has worked cooperatively with many individual lawyers and large law firms. Dr. Mosel prides himself with keeping up with technology and therapeutic advances. With the addition of Arthro Stim, “Back Project” and DTS spinal decompression traction he welcomes even the more difficult cases.

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Why Refer To Us

Dr. Mosel is respected in both the medical and legal worlds as a chiropractic specialist who is competent, objective, reliable and reasonable. It’s because of his reputation that he is called upon to provide consultation and treatment for local MD’s and medical-legal cases.

Plaintiff attorneys know that when their clients use the chiropractic services at Dr. Mosel’s office that they will receive excellent quality care and have their treatment properly documented for maximum results.

Dr. Mosel understands that an accident can be a stressful time for your clients, and he accepts personal injury cases on assignment so that your client can receive the care they need without financial burden.